Women Once Far are

the women of Once Far Off

We are here to encourage and equip women in their relationship and walk with the Lord God.

We are constructing a place where we can share our stories and our struggles and our experiences from our walks with the Lord, so that we can build each other up and grow together into maturity with Him.

About the Site Content

How to Study the Bible (coming soon…)

  • Tips for getting the most out of your time in the word:
    • How to approach reading the word
    • How to know what you’re reading
    • What to look for

Memory Verses (ongoing updates)

  • Key places in scripture that answer some of the most common questions we ask:
    • Who is God, and what is his character and will?
    • What is my calling as a Christian?
    • Who am I in Christ?
    • How do I pray?

Stories of Women (coming soon…)